470 Rebuild – About to begin – support thread ?


470 Rebuild – About to begin – support thread ?

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    Yep got the oem gasket.



    Go so the crank is in and main bearings replaced. Pistons in and big ends replaced

    From cover is on.

    I now find that one of the magnets on the front balancer has come off. I have an alternator kit so do I epoxy the magnet back on or remove the rest and stator ?



    OK So I may have an issue – the lifters, pushrods and rocker arms got mixed up.

    The engine has only seen very light use and I am hoping I can get the clearances installing them in non original locations.

    I have seen the below video describing a good way to install.

    Am I heading for trouble or will this be ok ?



    I haven’t looked at your rebuild in a while… How is it going? Did you get the lifters, push rods, and rocker arms installed? Did that video help?

    I haven’t even started on my rebuild yet. I have to admit that I’m not sure I have the ability and/or know-how… but, what the heck, I’ve got the engines…



    Jim Tje rebuild is complete and the engine runs well.

    I got lifters but not pushrods.
    The video is no good for setting lash as these have to be set up according to the manual.

    I still need to do a compression test but I can’t find my tester gauge. I got a reading from another gauge of 125 on cyl 1 which might be a touch low but I need to check all when and if I find my tester.

    I’ve yet to water test but got to fit core trim rams first and I spent so long on this I need to address some life issues now too



    This is her running



    This board is finished

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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