Fix for bogging down when accelerating….


Fix for bogging down when accelerating….

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    I wanted to offer something that I learned with my 470 so others don’t have work as hard as I did to find the problem. My 470 would bog down when trying to accelerate and I started throwing money at it….. I replaced the fuel pump, rebuilt the carb, installed a fuel water separater….. each time I would go back to the lake with the same result…… maddening. Anyway one day I decided to find the fuel tank…. I found it…. here’s the fix…..there is a aluminum pickup tube at the far end of the tank, disconnect your rubber fuel line then unscrew it from the tank. Now you will note that the barbed fitting where your rubber line was also unscrewes from the square pickup tube elbow. This my friends is your culprit…. it isn’t just a barbed 3/8 fitting…. it’s a anti-siphon valve and it’s sticking. Ok, now order the part, next the pickup tube also unscrews forms the square elbow, carefully disconnect this as well. You will find a 2 to 3 inch tube like screen filter in the pickup tube !!!!! Again…. maddening. Throw this part away reconnect your pickup tube to the elbow… when your anti-siphon valve arrives also fit that to the elbow. Now take the time to siphon or pump out your fuel tank…. fill it up and pump it out again, this will remove debris and prevent future clogging. Replace your pickup tube utilize a gas recommend sealant when replacing this part. Now buy new rubber tubing going from your tank to your water separater. Reconnect all your tubing…. start your boat and check for leaks. Your back in business. Drink a beer and go to bed. The end



    Yep —sounds about right to me. AQll that information and more was on the old forum and seems to be gone forever.

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