Gamma Modulator FHG65 (option)


Gamma Modulator FHG65 (option)

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    In a radiometric measuring point with Gammapilot FMG60, the Gamma Modulator FHG65 is mounted
    in front of the radiation exit channel of the source container. It contains a shaft slotted along the
    longitudinal axis.
    This shaft rotates continuously and alternately screens off the gamma beam at a frequency of 1 Hz or
    allows it through.
    Due to this frequency, the useful beam differs from fluctuating ambient interference radiation and
    from interference radiation occurring sporadically (e.g. from nondestructive material testing). Using a
    frequency filter, the Gammapilot M FMG60 can thus separate the useful signal from interference
    radiation. In this way, it is possible to continue measuring even if interference radiation occurs, which,
    in turn, increases the measuring certainty and system availability.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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