Infant skin care guidelines


Infant skin care guidelines

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    The nurse’s complete resource for the latest in evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.
    9 Oct 2015 A review of evidence on skin care for healthy babies at term and to inform . research and updated clinical guidelines will be of value to health20 Oct 2011 Such efforts aim ultimately to determine the best infant skin care practices. In the United States, guidelines for neonatal skin care have been
    16 Mar 2015 Skin care for infants is actually a ‘hot topic’ as there are several Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) post natal guidelines give no
    The major functions of the human skin are maintenance of water and electrolyte homeostasis, thermoregulation, antimicrobial defense, protection from trauma
    dermatitis in infants (Cork et al, 2009). The current inconsistencies between evidence and national guidelines on newborn skin care have resulted in
    These were the questions which prompted the development of a guideline about newborn skincare for use in all nine neonatal units and associated maternity.
    Skin Care Guidelines. Page 2 of 11. Neonatal Directorate. Key Points. • All infants admitted to the NICU must have both a skin assessment condition score, and a
    EMOLLIENTS. Apply an emollient twice daily at the first sign of dryness, fissures or flaking. Emollients should be applied as a preventative therapy daily to newborns with a family history of atopy. Maintain sterility by ordering patient specific containers or decanting products on to paper towel prior to application.
    14 Jul 2017 Overview: The vulnerability of a newborns skin creates the potential for a number of skin complaints. Infant skin differs from adult skin and


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