Mercruiser 3.7LX-Distributor Question


Mercruiser 3.7LX-Distributor Question

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    Hey everyone!! I just inherited a boat with that I believe is a 1989 Mercruiser 3.7LX. I am not because I can’t seem to cross the engine VIN. The vin on the side of the engine is: C522085. Can anyone help direct me to deciphering this to the proper head model of this engine?

    Also, the engine runs great but the distributor has so much play in it that the rotor keeps damaging the cap. I would like replace distributor. Can anyone direct me in GE roper direction to help me locat a complete distributor with a possible electronic ignition pressure built in? Or any other insight or ideas?



    Doesn’t seem to be a Mercruiser serial. Which side of the engine is the carburetor on as you face the engine?? Is it a four cylinder engine? Who is the boat manufacturer? A picture would help. Just what is it you need “deciphering this to the proper head model of this engine?”
    You don’t want to buy a new distributor as they are expensive. Ebay has listings for used ones. You would have to add the electronic points yourself. An easy job.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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