mercruiser on line manual


mercruiser on line manual

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    I will re post this link as it looks like the archives are not coming back……Copy and paste. Cannot post a link



    Shame about the arhives – lots of useful info.



    I have tried to copy and paste the link, and I have tried clicking directly on the link – same result: “error 502” “bad gateway”…

    I recently bought two Mercruiser 470s from a shrimper, here in south Louisiana. I got a great deal on them, as they both came with outdrives, controls, risers, heat exchangers, etc. I was informed that they were complete, running sets that were recently taken off the shrimp boat because they were going to diesel. I paid $500. The guys bench tested one of the engines for me before I bought them, and it started up – although it ran pretty rough, bouncing around a lot on the ground.

    Since buying the engines, I have read through some blog sites and found VERY mixed reviews on these. Some people hate them; calling them money pits, and some people love them; calling them high torque/low fuel consumption gems. Before I install them in a boat, I want as much information on them as possible, and I’m trying to find the online manual.

    Any suggestions?



    Yep I get the bad gateway too – this is not good.

    Anyone got access to manual No 3 ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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