Preventative Head Gasket Replacement Advice


Preventative Head Gasket Replacement Advice

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    Hi All,

    I found me a 470 with only 66 hours on it, its a 1978 build and I plan to fit the boat with it and take the boat to a remote location in Greece so wanted to do the nasty bits before taking it over. Its been sat in a shed for the past 25 years so I plan to do the following –

    Later alloy exhaust manifold
    New starter
    Alternator conversion
    Pertronix ignition
    Rebuild carb
    4 Inch HE
    Headgasket replacement
    Cam seal replacement and camshaft inspection.

    I wanted to ask if there is anything else I should consider ?
    Also is there any nasty surprises when doing the headgasket ? Any common problems ?

    Many thanks.




    You don’t mention the year of the boat and that is important . As far as the manifold replacement goes, if your boat has the old style log (square) exhaust manifold the newer aluminum later style will bolt to the engine but WILL NOT line up with the exhaust pipe from the transom assembly. If the head gasket is good I wouldn’t replace it as there is no reason to. If you do replace it use only a genuine Mercruiser head gasket.



    Thanks Stractor, I will use OEM, I bought 2 just in case.
    Yes it is the old style log but there has been a modification done so that the exhaust fits using a wide bore heat resistant tube and 2 jubilee clips.

    The boat is a 1986 DRACO 1800ST

    As for doing it now – engine os out – ideal time, if it goes in and I find it needs doing anyway its more of a pain to have to take the motor out again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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