Surge Brake Lock-Out Magnet

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Surge brakes on your boat trailer that just won’t release when you try to back up?  When you try to use that frustrating factory key that comes with the trailer it just keeps falling out?  You don’t want to put someone in harms way to hold that little key while you backup and can’t see them?

This device solves all your problems.  No more taping, clamping, etc., or making someone hold the factory key from falling out while you try to back up.  This device allows you to back up any grade or maneuver into any spot without the brakes locking up.

This device is heavy-duty, compact, and built to last with precision cut steel components for a perfect fit and an easy to grasp knob for easy removal.

This device works great and easy to use, no tools required.

This device is intended for boat yard use only.  This device defeats braking system.  Removal of this device is required before trailering on any roadway.                                                                                                                                                                            

This device is not design to be installed permanently as it does not allow the brakes to work when needed.

If you have a frustrated friend or neighbor that struggles to back up his boat trailer, let him know you’ve found a solution!


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